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A True Heart - Billy Dib's Autobiography - Signed Copy

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Billy Dib's childhood was not an easy one; beset with chronic asthma, he was one of two Lebanese families in a notoriously rough Sydney suburb. Bullying and fear of attending school were constant, yet his faith gave him the courage to endure and defend himself. This fortitude ultimately led him to the Sutherland PCYC boxing gym, where his future began to take shape.

In this candid and unfiltered autobiography, two-time world champion boxer Billy Dib reflects on his lifetime of success and struggles. His story begins with the heights of glory - from becoming a boxing world champion to rubbing shoulders with international celebrities - and follows him through the depths of tragedy when his first wife passed away from cancer and he himself was diagnosed with the same illness. With warmth and candor, this book offers a unique insight into the challenges and joys of life in the ring and beyond.

Ignoring numerous obstacles and adversities that would have broken many, Billy Dib's faith and unwavering commitment to being a great father to his son provided the resilience he needed to persevere and stay alive.

Discover the story of Billy Dib's life as he takes you on an exciting, unpredictable adventure, as written in his highly engaging autobiography - A True Heart.
A True Heart - Billy Dib's Autobiography - Signed Copy
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